Enterprise Culture: Vitality,Innovation,Creativity

1. With the professional skill to create the supreme quality and forever value

2. Vitality and ardor are the unlimited power source for organization in order to pursue the maximum satisfaction for customers

3. The value of innovation is to create a new situation for enterprise,and further to contribute our effort to environ-ment and to assume our social responsibility

Managerial Concepts: Share profits with the customers

1. Sincerity and untiring efforts to the customer’s satisfaction.

2. Interactions with customers for building up cooperation with the customers and among our colleagues for the common prosperity.

Quality Policy:Supreme Quality,Forever Value

The quality concept which covers product,service,human power,and environment,we have implemented an overall policy of“High Quality and High Value” with our professional level to satisfy with the requirement of customers correctly and fast so as to reach the target of “Customers Satisfaction ”by supreme efficiency.